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    Blowing Rock, NC


    The TreeHaus Way

    In its current form, TreeHaus was officially launched in 2011, but has been a twinkle in Lee's eye years before that. So what makes us different? A few words directly from the source may help put things into perspective.

    It is a responsibility to be calling the shots on behalf of the clients that have entrusted us with their marketing programs. Ours is an industry with extremely low barriers to entry, and as a result, is filled with service providers that consistently disappoint. I take pride in my work as a professional in an industry I am proud to serve.

    What do we do? This is our mission:


    To build & manage extraordinary digital marketing programs for online retailers.

    How do we do it? At TreeHaus, our core values can be summed up into a few bullet points:

    • Community - Our towns, and the people in them, contribute to a quality of life that is second to none. We will give back to them in return.

    • Humility - We have been afforded the privilege to work, and excel, in an industry we love. We will carry ourselves with quiet confidence.

    • Excellence - Each of our clients has chosen to partner with us instead of another. We will strive to be excellent in our work on their behalf.

    • Passion - With so many things you can do and see, in so little time it is important to prioritize. We will be passionate in the paths we choose for the sake of the ones we didn't.

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